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Welcome to the exciting world of Jaguar Maths in Motion Challenges. Whether you are interested in a STEM based project for your 6 year olds or are looking to stretch your A-level students, we have something for you in at least one of the trilogy of Challenges that are available to you and your students. The Junior E Prix Challenge is for 6 to 8 year old students, Maths in Motion GP is for 8 to 16 year olds and although our Master E Prix is for all ages, it is based on the A-level syllabus!

The Challenges

There are three challenges open to schools all over the world

Junior ePrix - The exciting world of Panasonic Jaguar electric car racing! Using this all new software program, you can design and set up your very own electric powered racing car. Visit some of the most glamorous cities in the world and race your car against your classmates and friends. Good luck and be safe!

Maths in Motion Grand Prix - Our flagship Challenge involving 100,000 children, globally! This Challenge, for 8 to 16 year olds, has been running since 2000 and is tried and tested. Simulating a fuel powered car race many of the children who have got involved have finished up in STEM based careers. Exciting, motivating and has its own website at www.mathschallenge.org.uk

Master ePrix - This new Challenge is also based in a simulated world of electric car racing and has been produced in conjunction with engineers at Panasonic Jaguar Racing. It involves students using a variety of maths skills at a high level albeit that it is not age limited. This Challenge will be launched in July 2017 and if you can do the maths you can do the Challenge!

For more information please email info@mathschallenge.org.uk or call +44 1480 301201

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